Sunday, 22 April 2012

Steamed Egg Custard

I have tried steaming eggs few times but always failed. The eggs usually turned out too watery! Even I followed the exactly recipes, the results was.... Sigh... I almost gave up until I saw a post from Kokken69! So today, I braved myself for another try! Hehehe... This time I made it! Yes!!! The custard was really smooth and soft. My sister and I couldn't stop eating it...

Recipe mainly adapted from Kokken69.


3 eggs
400ml chicken stock
Pinch of salt


1. Beat the eggs and add salt into the mixture.

2. Add the chicken stock and stir.

3. Using a filter, pour the mixture into a steam bowl.

4. Steam with boiling water for 20 minutes until it has set nicely.

I topped the egg custard with minced meat and spring onions.

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