Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hairy Gourd Soup

Soup is a 'must have' in our dinner. I think mainly because we are Cantonese. My mom makes awesome soups such as Lotus Root Soup, Old Cucumber Soup, Winter Melon Soup, ABC Soup and goes on. I believe every families have their own versions of soups.

Actually, I made this soup long ago and found the picture in the archive. We make this soup whenever we are short of time to 炖汤 or could not get meats for the soup (especially on Mondays when wet market is closed). I remember my mom used to make this soup for lunch when we were in primary school. My mom is not a good cook but she makes excellent soups. She said she learnt from my late grandmother.


8 slices ginger
100g dried shrimps (washed)
1.5 litres water
1 hairy gourd (peeled and cut into small pieces)
1 carrot (chopped into bite sizes)
1 tomato (quartered)
10 button mushrooms
Salt (as desired)
2 tbsp cooking oil


Chopped spring onions


1. Heat the oil in the pot.

2. Sauté the ginger and dried shrimps till fragrance.

3. Add the hairy gourd, tomato and carrot. Stir.

4. Add the water to boil.

5. Once boil, turn the fire low and simmer for an hour.

6. Add the mushrooms and cook for another few minutes.

7. Turn the heat high and add salt according to your preference.

8. Turn off the fire.

Garnish with spring onions and coriander.

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