Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Dried Shrimp Powder

This is my first time making dried shrimp powder. I got the idea from ikan bilis powder. Well, since ikan bilis can be made into powder form, then dried shrimp should be too! I bought 200g of dried shrimps from the wet market today, mainly just to give it a try... Hahaha... Indeed, the same method works for dried shrimps as well! I used the freshly made powder with stir fried cabbage and it tastes great! I only added garlic, dried shrimp powder and salt. The dish looked bland and my mom asked how come she can taste the dried shrimps but couldn't see them. Hahaha... Usually we do not eat the dried shrimps and my mom always says that it's a waste yet necessary to add into certain dishes. Now I have found a way to fully utilize the shrimps!

Ideal for soup and stir fry.


200g small dried shrimps (washed and drained)


1. Heat a non stick pan (no oil!).

2. Toss half of the shrimps into the pan.

3. Once the shrimps turn brown and crispy, remove and set aside to cool.

4. Toss in the remaining shrimps and bake with same method. Cook separately is mainly not to overcrowd the shrimps.

5. After the shrimps are slightly cool, grind them in the blender. If it doesn't turn out powdery, return them to the pan and cook with high heat for 5 minutes. Remember to stir to keep them from burning. Grind again and it should be powdery enough.

6. Let the shrimp powder cool completely before storage in fridge.

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