Sunday, 8 July 2012

Onion Omelette

What types of omelette you like best? Prawn omelette, Seafood omelette, Minced pork omelette, etc.. How about Onion Omelette for dinner? Drooling...


5 eggs (beaten)
1 large brown onion (sliced)
3 chilli padi (deseeded and chopped)
3 tbsp cooking oil
2 tbsp soy sauce


1. Heat 1 tbsp of cooking oil in the non stick pan.

2. Sauté the onions and chilli padi until the onions are soften (less than a minute). Remove and set aside.

3. Add the soy sauce into the eggs and mix well. Then add the onions and chilli padi into the egg mixture. Stir well.

4. Heat 1 tbsp cooking oil in the pan. Pour half of the onion egg mixture into the pan. Flip to another side after a while and make sure that the omelette is cooked. Once the omelette is cooked, remove and place it on a plate.

5. Add 1 tbsp cooking oil in the pan and continue to cook with the remaining egg mixture with Step 4.

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