Saturday, 30 June 2012

ABC Soup

One of the most easiest soup to make would ABC Soup. My mom always make this soup especially for my son who only loves this soup. Though he takes other soups, but ABC Soup is his all time favorite. Normally we add corn too. But since my sis has contracted chicken pox from my younger brother, we didn't add corn.

Actually I make this as a soup base for thick bee hoon. My sister can only take light food. With a lot ingredients that are 'barred' due to chicken pox, there isn't much ingredients to make soup base! So I thought of using this with thick bee hoon. Check out my next post on how to make Thick Bee Hoon in ABC Soup.

Serve 1 or 2


3 pork ribs (scalded with hot water and drained)
1 potato (cubed)
1/2 carrot (cubed or sliced)
1/2 onion (quartered)
1 tomato (quartered)
1.2 litres or more water


1. Boil the water in a pot.

2. Once the water starts to boil rapidly, put in the pork ribs and let it cook for 5 minutes.

3. Add in the carrots, potatoes, onions and tomato. Cook for 5 minutes with high heat.

4. Cover the lid and simmer with low heat for 1.5 - 2 hours.

5. Lastly, add some salt and stir well. Turn the heat off.

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